Novita Nutrition | About Us
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About Us

Novita is an animal protein nutrition company founded by a veteran group of entrepreneurs in Eastern South Dakota. In addition to the founders, various local investors, including Glacial Lakes Capital, Nordic Ventures, SD Innovation Partners and San Michel, provided the early rounds of capital necessary to establish the company and prove out the product value proposition.


Led by Don Endres, the team went on to conduct various tests and feeding trials to prove out their patented technology and determine the value of the feed, NovaMeal®. After receiving positive results, the team attracted the attention of NGP Global Agribusiness Partners, who along with the existing investors, has provided the capital to build the company’s first production facility. The plant is located outside of Aurora, South Dakota (2 miles east of Brookings).


The Novita team is honored to be awarded the 2016 People’s Choice Award for NovaMeal by Dairy Herd Management as well as the Incubator Company of the Year Award by the Brookings Innovation Center.

Our Values

Commitment to Safety

We will build and maintain a safe work-place and give the highest priority to protecting our employees, contractors and communities.


We will fulfill our duties and commitments to our customers, employees, community, and the environment.

Customer Focused

Deep appreciation and alignment with our customer’s success.


We will foster a teamwork environment while never losing sight of individual contributions.

Innovative Culture

We will challenge the status quo, promote a bias for action and drive improvement to achieve uncommon results.

Value Creation

Optimize efficiency and return from all expenditures.

Company Vision

To be a leading global agriculture technology company providing high quality nutrients and renewable products, creating economic value for our customers and stakeholders.

Company Culture

The Novita team shares a passion for developing solutions which have a positive impact on their customers and community. The company culture reflects a long heritage deeply rooted in Midwestern farm work ethic, combined with an innovative, progressive and forward thinking pursuit to challenging the status quo and pushing beyond perceived boundaries.